Sade (1997/98/99, 2000)

Choreographed by Barbara Bourget

Sade is a trilogy of works based on the life and writings of the Maquis de Sade. The pieces feature scripts by playwright Elizabeth Dancoes performed by actors along with choreography by Barbara Bourget perfomed by various members of Kokoro Dance. The first part Sade – Childhood/Justine (seventy minutes) was performed at the East Vancouver Cultural Centre on Febuary 20, 1997, with Tamsin Kelsey, Elizabeth Dancoes, Sheena Anderson, Patrick Pennefather, Ziyian Kwan, Barbara Bourget, and Jay Hirabayashi in the cast. This section was performed again July 12, 14, 1997 at the Firehall Arts Centre with Laara Sadiq replacing Tamsin Kelsey and Miroslaw Zydowicz replacing Ziyian Kwan. Costumes for this section were by Eleanor Hannan with lighting by Gerald King. The second section, Sade – Part II (seventy minutes) was performed at The Firehall Arts Centre March 17-22, 1998 and featured actors Guillermo Verdecchia and Ruth McIntosh with singer/dancer Sheena Anderson, dancers Barbara Bourget, Kevin Bergsma and Jay Hirabayashi, and musicians Adrienne Park and David Carlisle. The costumes in this section were by Mara A. Gottler; music by Robert J. Rosen; lighting by Gerald King. The third part will be workshopped in May of 1999 and produced in December, 1999 and will feature actors Alex Ferguson and Elizabeth Dancoes. The complete trilogy will be performed sometime in 2001.

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