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The creation of a new dance work is a magical process. We began by choreographing about 90 minutes of material. Jeff Ryan came to our work-in-progress rehearsals and performances, picking up the tempo’s and time signatures. He then wrote his own response to our theme of creating a Book of Love and distilled the score to sixty-one minutes in length. Jonathan Baldock flew in from an artist residency in Germany to take part in our creation process. Jonathan is inspired by Dada, the art movement in the early 20th century that appeared to reject logic and embrace chaos and irrationality. Dada challenged the status quo including the presumptions of prevailing artistic trends. Jonathan challenged us to do our choreography in vibrant costumes of saturated primary colours with floor length sleeves. He created large head pieces of sculpted wicker to exaggerate and confuse our personalities. Jeff’s music and Jonathan’s costumes transformed our choreography into something we could not imagine ourselves. We are blessed to be able to work with such talented artists. Gerald King then added his evocative lighting to transform our work. Gerald has worked with us for thirty-one years and we have relied on him ever since to bathe our work in inspired emotive lighting textures. Molly McDermott and Billy Marchenski have been invaluable to us in this creative process. Their discipline, energy, intelligence, physical agility, and dedication have played a profound part in the building of this piece. Standing Wave’s interpretation of Jeff’s music is simply glorious. It is such a pleasure to dance to live music played by outstanding musicians.

Book of Love can be presented without the use of live musicians. If touring with Standing Wave Ensemble, the presenter must supply a Grand Piano and a five to eight octave Marimba.

Choreographers: Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi
Music: Jeffrey Ryan
Lighting: Gerald King
Costumes: Jonathan Baldock
Performers: Barbara Bourget, Jay Hirabayashi, Molly McDermott, and Billy Marchenski
Length of work: 71 minutes (no intermission possible as work is continuous)
Number of persons on tour: 5 without Standing Wave Ensemble Musicians. 11 with Standing Wave Ensemble Musicians.


For more information about touring, please contact Jay Hirabayashi at jayh[at]kokoro.ca