Kokoro Dance develops several new works annually while maintaining or remounting older pieces. Kokoro Dance repertoire includes solo’s, duets, trio’s, and works for large ensembles. The company has works suitable for proscenium stages, alternate venues such as galleries, restaurants, and nightclubs, environmentally specific sites such as streets, parks, and beaches, as well as programs for young audiences. Always interested in multi-disciplinary collaborations, past performances have blurred boundaries integrating dance with poetic theatre, visual art, jazz music, and environmental situations. While our primary musical collaborator is Robert J. Rosen, Kokoro Dance also commissions scores from other outstanding Canadian composers including Jeff Corness, John Korsrud, and Tony Wilson. By choice, Kokoro Dance prefers to perform to original live music in its dances. An essential element in its stage works is the lighting designs of Gerald King. While the predominant costume for the past decade has been simple white body make-up and fundoshi’s (Japanese word for loin cloth), the company relies on the imaginative eyes of costume designers Tsuneko Kokubo, Mara A. Gottler, Eleanor Hannan, and Loraie Tylor for creating other costumes.

Choreographers Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi have created over one hundred and fifty works in the past twenty-seven years.

List of Past Works