22nd Annual Kokoro Dance Wreck Beach Butoh


Come join us for the 22nd edition of Kokoro Dance’s Wreck Beach Butoh (foot of the #4 Trail just west of the UBC Museum of Anthropology) on Saturday, July 22nd at 11:00am and Sunday, July 23rd at 11:45am. Wreck Beach Butoh has been performed annually by Kokoro Dance for the past twenty-two years. It is one of our favourite performances but also a test of the stamina and spirit of our performers.

The culmination of two weeks of hard work, sweat, sore muscles, sees fruition in 70 minutes of new movement. Rain or shine. Clothing optional. Don’t miss it!

CGP London & Bold Tendencies present Kokoro Dance

In celebration of Kokoro Dance’s collaboration with Jonathan Baldock in his current exhibition, CGP London hosted Vancouver’s Kokoro Dance for a series of special performances and partnerships across London this July. Kokoro founders Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi performed a site specific performance ( ) (pronounced ‘brackets’) on July 7 & 8.


Kokoro Dance and Jonathan Baldock at Dilston Grove

Kokoro Dance and Jonathan Baldock in London at Dilston Grove for the first in a series of three special performances within Baldock’s new installation. Kokoro Dance performed ( ) (pronounced ‘brackets’) within the installation wearing specially created costumes accompanied by live music from Luke Barton and Craig Swan using instruments also crafted by Baldock.

Kokoro Dance performs at the Roundhouse 20th Anniversary Celebrations

Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi will perform Moan (1997) Saturday, May 13, 2017 at 1:55pm on the Roundhouse Exhibition Hall stage as part of the Roundhouse 20th Anniversary Celebrations. Choreographed 20 years ago, it seems appropriate to perform this piece, with music by Ani DiFranco and Jan Garbarek/Hilliard Ensemble, at the Roundhouse’s 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Kokoro Dance at Wise Hall with the Inhabitants and Yves Candau

Thursday, March 30, 2017 at 8pm

Sawdust Collector and Live @ The WISE presents:
Leah Abramson: Songs For a Lost Pod
with special guest dancers Barbara Bourget, Jay Hirabayashi, and Yves Candau

Formed in 2004, Vancouver’s Inhabitants have ascended to become one of Canada’s most prominent creative music ensembles. In 2009, Inhabitants were nominated for a Juno Award for ‘Instrumental Album of the Year’, a National Jazz Award for ‘Electric Group of the Year’ and a Western Canadian Music Award for ‘Instrumental Recording of the Year’. Their singular approach defies genre, melding jazz, rock, noise and free improvisation with new perspective. Trumpeter JP Carter, guitarist Dave Sikula, bassist Pete Schmitt and drummer Skye Brooks find a rare cohesiveness in Inhabitants, cultivated from years of musical collaboration in groups like Fond of Tigers, Copilots, Carsick, DarkBlueWorld, The NOW Orchestra, Tony Wilson’s 6tet, and the Aeroplane Trio.

Inhabitants continue to push forward into new sonic territory with “A Vacant Lot”, their third full-length on Drip Audio. Spacious and expressive, the new album explores the dynamic relationship between chaos and form through experimental sound, intuitive group interplay and instrumental composition. There is new diversity in the music; rich textured landscapes augmented by electronics and feedback are contrasted with moments of intimate acoustic minimalism. A reflective mood pervades the new landscape Inhabitants occupy on A Vacant Lot, their improvisations and compositions permeated with an uncommon, yet alluring lyricism.

“Hypnotic and dense, these Inhabitants occupy territory that will continue to yield riches with further exploration.” – Down Beat

” Sometimes sweet, often epic…instinctive and convincing. One of the coolest discs of the year”
– The Globe and Mail

“…in a league with very few others.” –

“…displays music chops, a sense of fun, and a deep connection to the droning soundscapes they create.” – Music Emissions

“…what jazz was supposed to become.”
– Left Hip Magazine


inDANCE, Holy Cow(s)! with Jay Hirabayashi

Thursday, March 23 – Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 8pm

Harbourfront Centre Theatre


Bessie and Dora nominee, Hari Krishnan, co-creates an evening of solos and ensemble work in collaboration with guest choreographers Sean Curran (New York City), David Brick (Philadelphia), and Jay Hirabayashi (Vancouver), performed to a commissioned world music score by Niraj Chag (UK).

Holy Cow(s)! run rampant, toppling taboos of gender, identity, sexuality and cultural (mis)appropriation, provoking desire and derision through humor and eroticism infused, confused and diffused via a global dance lens.